Try Your Hardest is dedicated to music teachers everywhere, in loving memory of Dorothy Sikora.



I got incredibly lucky with my lot in life. My family has always encouraged and supported me, even when I was making horrible decisions. I love you.

Katherine, my only regret is that we didn't start sharing our lives together sooner. Every day spent with you is a gift.


Laurie Silver-Flannery - Thank you for taking the leap to complete this intimidating project. You don't think you're ready, and that's what makes you ready.

Front Cover Oil Painting

Ron Flannery - Thank you for taping your record collection so I could listen to TRex while playing with my LegosTM.

Backing Vocals on No No Calypso 

Dan Flannery - The world's a better place with you in it, and your creative genius has already touched so many lives in a positive way. I'm excited to see how you will continue to bring hope and inspiration to children everywhere. 

Backing Vocals on Pushing Up, Dance of Love, and Sideburns, Jefe, Hymn of the Isolated Artist. Maybe you clapped or shook a tambourine or something? I forget. 

Jonathan McElroy - You remember that time we were both on MTV? That was pretty insane! Thank you for your brilliant work on this record and for always being a great, great guy. There must have been something to those living room jam sessions as kids.

Trombone on NYCCITY, Hymn of the Isolated Artist, Full Grown and Ready, No No Calypso

Katherine Furman - Songwriting Aranui III and Yochimu. Lead Vocals Yochimu

Jessica Flannery - You're fucking awesome, and I'm so glad you're a Flannery! I know you didn't want your voice on the record, but if you listen really closely in Pushing Up, I think you're talking in the drum break at the end. 

Christopher Martinez - You give me hope for the future. Keep trying new things and finding the good stuff. 

Backing Vocals on Pushing Up, Dance of Love, and Sideburns, Jefe, Hymn of the Isolated Artist.



Mr. Flannery - Unless otherwise noted, I played mostly all of the guitar, bass, sound design stuff, and percussion as well as the engineering, editing, Melodyne, and mix setup. Also unless otherwise noted, all of the tracking was done at Bass Hit Studio in NYC.


Eric Tait - The sound of this record was defined by the sessions that we did together. You're a pleasure to work with and an incredible talent. Thank you for sharing your space and your gifts. I know that you've got a lot of amazing recordings yet to create and I'm super looking forward to what's coming next.

All Drums, Engineering at The Farm Studio, PA. 

Tris McCall - When we first met, I thought you were this brilliant, prolific, renaissance man... turns out I was right. I found you to be the most intimidating person in the Jersey rock scene, because of everyone there, you were the guy I wanted to be friends with. I'm glad it worked out. 

Synthesizers Backing Vocals on Pushing Up, Sideburns, Jefe, Hymn of the Isolated Artist, Dance of Love

Kena Anae - I have worked on more songs with you than just about anybody. We got so much fire in our back pockets people think we lyin'. (!) Thanks for laughing at my jokes and for always being down for whatever. You're a true friend. Bass in the live band, but on this record:

Backing Vocals featured on Full Grown and Ready, Pushing Up 

Pete Creekmore - I first heard heard the name Pete Creekmore you know why, and you know when. It figures that the sweetest guy in the world would be the one guy at Rutgers who wanted to beat up my brother. Bruce needed Clarence, Mick needed Bobby, and Mr. Flannery needs Mr. Creekmore. Facts.

Saxamophone on Welcome to Bangor, NYCCITY, Full Grown and Ready, No No Calypso

Rob Elinson - I watched you caretake with patience and love. There is really nothing that shows a person's true colors like adversity, and you shined through the worst of times.

Baritone Saxamophone on Sideburns, Flute on Aranui III

Bruce Foster - You were one of the first people to show me that music could be a career. I have a vivid memory of you handing me your guitar to try out and then telling me that it was once Paul McCartney's. That was a big moment for me, but not quite as huge as when you called me a "real motherfucker" 25 years later while we were working together in the studio. Thanks for that. Best compliment ever!

Piano on Dance of Love, Welcome to Bangor, Jefe, No No Calypso

A.Sarr - If I were going to call anyone other than Bruce a "real motherfucker" it would have to be you. You've got so much heart and I love seeing how your art and energy grows outward from you and touches so many people. I've been surprised by you consistently for years. Every time we get in the studio together something excellent happens. Thank you A.Sarr for putting your mark on this record.

Piano on Aranui III, Hymn of the Isolated Artist, Embers of Dead Fires, Yochimu

Simone Giuliani - Hearing the music floating down the hall from your room at Bass Hit has been a constant inspiration to me. I'm lucky to have you as a friend and colleague, and the stuff you laid down on these tunes elevated the record. Grazie mille!

Organ and/or Electric Piano on Pushing Up, NYCCITY, Welcome to Bangor, Sideburns

Chris Conly - It's been a blast to work next door to you for these last few years. You're a great guy with great insights, and an excellent guitarist to boot. Your solo at the end of Sideburns is a highlight on the record, and co-performing the 8-bit fuzz guitar on NYCCITY with you was super fun. I bet you can’t pick out who played what on that track!

Guitar on Sideburns end solo, NYCCITY 8 Bit Fuzz guitar

Michael Ward-Bergman - Your playing brought Aranui III to a whole other world! You can bet I’ll be writing more for accordion in the future, cause we need to hang out! Thanks again Michael! 

Accordion and crazy psychadelic electric accordion on Aranui III

Pete Jaworski - I remember in 6th grade going to your basement with John Sousa and cranking your dad's Ampeg B'15s. We rocked out so hard and I learned a ton about music. This record needed your presence and I'm so glad we were able to catch up while you were in town. Love to you and your beautiful family!

Conga on No No Calypso

Jonathan Charles Merrifield - Jonathan co-wrote Pushing up with Elizabeth Marcoux who at the time of this writing, I have not yet met- let’s fix that soon! On my wedding day, Jonathan came straight to Bass Hit from Portland, ME so he could sing and play drum fills on the tune. He then helped me get dressed for the wedding and we went together, on the subway, to the venue. It's one of many great memories from that day, and one that I think of every time I hear Pushing Up. Thank you, Jonathan and Liz, for letting me put this excellent song on my record! I think you're cool!

Drum fills and Vocals on Pushing Up

Tomohiro Mori - It takes balls to move to another country to study Jazz drumming and then double down and move to fucking New York City to be a professional drummer. I'm incredibly happy to have met you and am excited to have you play drums with the live band. ROCK

Sam Monaco - I have a ton of respect for you, Sam. I've been learning from you since we met. Really, like, knowing you has tweaked my personality. No joke. Oh, and you're one of the best rock drummers on the New York scene, hands down. Thanks for making it to the studio to sing on the record!

Backup Vocals on Dance of Love, Hymn of the Isolated Artist, Pushing Up, Sideburns, Jefe, and probably some percussion in there somewhere?


Backing Vocalists:

Dorothy Sikora - Dorothy, your voice on Embers of Dead Fires adds meaning to the song in a way that I never thought possible. I can still hear your infectious laugh, and it still makes me smile.

Ari Santana - Ari, you're making your way in the world in the best way possible- with curiosity and confidence. You are always welcome in my studio. I think it's just so perfect that your indie label debut is one of the girls at the end of Sideburns. :)

Andrea Merkx - Andrea, you are one hep cat. We once drove to Chicago together in a gray Porsche wearing leather and listening to Kraftwerk. To this day, part of me is still on that trip.

Yochimu Bridge Responses, Dance of Love Hype, Sideburns Girl

Ellen Winter - Ellen you are a FORCE. A FIERCE FORCE. Seriously girl, DAMN. Watching you hone your craft over the years has been a real pleasure. Thank you again for lending your talents to this project. Your work on Welcome to Bangor became the sounding board for the guitar solos and the sax. Hymn of the Isolated Artist, Welcome to Bangor, NYCCITY, Jefe, Aranui III, Full Grown and Ready, Dance of Love, Pushing Up

Maia MacDonald - Maia, thank you so much for putting your voice on this record. I hope that we get to work together on more projects, because each time we've been the studio together has been a treat. I'm a fan, what can I say. No No Calypso, Hymn of the Isolated Artist, Pushing Up

Carolyn Light - Your voice adds a dimension to the sonic texture of these songs that, before it was there, I didn’t know was needed. If it were gone, the record would fall in on itself. I super appreciate your work and the time you put into these tunes- especially Hymn of the Isolated Artist. Of, and BTW your laugh in the middle of Pushing Up makes the song for me. Thank you! Pushing Up, Hymn of the Isolated Artist, Dance of Love, Aranui III

Elektrica - Your voice is downright ethereal on Aranui III, which is a good thing because that chorus was just a little too high for me to sing! Our late night hangs at Bass Hit will always hold a place in my heart. Thank you for singing with me, you’re a star. Pushing Up, Aranui III, Hymn of the Isolated Artist, Dance of Love (!), 

Yara Calcano - I love your voice. Not just on this record, but your voice as a feminist and thinker as well. I look forward to seeing what you do with it. No No Calypso, Hymn of the Isolated Artist, Pushing Up, Dance of Love, Jefe

Matthew Payne - I don't know what I would have done if you hadn't jumped in the booth to save the day on NYCCITY. YOU ROCK

Baruch Feldman - You brought a vibe to these stacked vocals that I love. I’m glad you’re on the record and it was a lot of fun recording with you. I look forward to the next time we spend time together! Pushing Up, Jefe

John Avallone - I remember the moment that I realized I liked you better than my ex-wife. Vividly. Thank you, for being a great, friend to me. Also, your voice, on Welcome to Bangor is absolutely, perfect. See you at Karaoke! Pushing Up, Welcome to Bangor, Dance of Love, Jefe, Sideburns, Hymn of the Isolated Artist

Jeff Gonzalez and Alix Gould - My old friend, you’ve been there for most of my major life events… and somehow seem to remember them much more vividly than I do. Thanks for that! Well, I’m glad Alix let me come to your wedding before we met, otherwise this song would never have happened. And, Alix, you’re just the freakin’ coolest. I can’t even. Jefe- Woooo on Jefe, Alix - Vocals on Jefe

George Overlord - Thank you for your vocals (perfection!) and production ideas for Welcome to Bangor. MORE ROCK AND ROLL.

E.J. Friedman - Every once in a while you meet someone with whom you instantly hit it off, and that’s just what happened that fateful night in that Indian restaurant in LA. Thanks for the cameo, man! Pushing Up

Justin Woo - Your powerful vocals pushed Hymn of the Isolated Artist over the top. That’s a good word for you- powerful. And you use it for good, not evil, and that’s why we’re friends. Hymn of the Isolated Artist and Pushing Up - Live Photography and Video

Chris Littler - One of the best songwriters I’ve ever met. I’m glad I bumped into you and your buddies (who shall remain anonymous) that night. Your signature vocal stylings (and hand claps!) really took Dance of Love over the top. Dance of Love




Dave Darlington - Thank you for making these songs sound better than I thought they could! I feel incredibly lucky to have had the opportunity to work across the hall form you at Bass Hit, and I learned a ton in the process. Not to get too sappy here, but I’m proud to call you a mentor and a friend. 

Mix on Pushing Up, Aranui III, Welcome to Bangor, Sideburns, Jefe, Yochimu, Hymn of the Isolated Artist, Dance of Love, Full Grown and Ready, No No Calypso


Michael Patterson - Remember that time Sean Combs called you while you were mixing my record and you told him to hold on a sec and handed me the phone? Or that time you told the record company prez that he was wrong with his choice of singles for the LTOTM record? I think in those two moves you killed my rockstars. It was an excellent lesson, so thank you for that. I wish we’d been able to get through more of this record together, but the work you did do is amazing. Thank you!

Mix/Master on NYCCITY and Embers of Dead Fires


Jacob Lawson - My brother-from-another-mother! Thank you for your graciousness and hospitality. I hope I can return the favor when you record YOUR solo record! Hi Miriam! Excellent Vocal Tracking, Coaching, and Comping on all Lead Vocals


Adam Vaccarelli - You know I come to Retro Media Studios specifically to get that Adam Vaccarelli sound when I need it, right?

Piano Engineering on Welcome to Bangor, Dance of Love, Jefe, and No No Calypso


Eric Tait - Drum Tracking


Jack Llewellyn-Karski - Thanks for engineering the guitar noodles in Sideburns! That was a fun session. Cheers!


Matt Claiborne - Your tenacity and smarts are going to get you far. Thank you for all of your help in the studio, and for engineering for me as I frantically mixed and remixed hymn of the isolated artist. Talk about beating a dead horse! A futile but necessary exercise. 


Dave Kutch - Thank you for being a true friend and confident to me throughout the years. You always tell it like it is, even if I don’t want to hear it. Your sage advice has been a beacon in the murky world that is the music business. Here’s to more good times!



And Furthermore:


Emmy Black - Thank you for encouraging me to make this record. It wouldn’t exist without you! I love it when my friends are at the top of their game, and you are most definitely kicking ass. ROCK!


Ann Marie Scuderi - Thank you for supporting Emmy’s decision to put out a record that will likely never break even. I know that’s really not in your nature and I appreciate your leap of faith ;-)


Emily Cadman - Thank you for the time spent helping to make this album a reality. I know the work that you do and I appreciate it. Also, thanks for digging the tunes!


Mark La Rosa - At this point, you’re family. Thanks for being the official photographer for Mr. Flannery and His Feelings!

Cover Portrait Photo 


Adam Reich  - Art Photography


Ashley Prine - I’m so super glad that you partnered with Katherine to start Tandem-Books. You guys are a perfect match! Thanks so much for your great cover design ideas- you took my concept to a whole other, better, place!


Hilary Englert and Brad Krumholz - Thanks for your great input on the composition of the portrait, it’s just right!


Paul Yates - I know of no one who lives as strictly by their principles as you do. I have the utmost respect for you and your art, and I look forward to making many more beautiful things with you.

Official Video Director for Mr. Flannery and His Feelings


Jacob Mendel - You’ve looked at my face more than most of my girlfriends. I’m sorry.

Official Video Editor for Mr. Flannery and his Feelings


Yochimu - You were a badass fish. You will be missed.

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